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Predator Light

Lights Now Available - $269.00 + $10 shipping/handling

  • L.E.D.
  • 3 Settings -- Walk Light, Low and High
  • The Predator comes with the charging port show above and lanyard.
  • Options (sold separately): Car Charger, Colored Pop Covers, Scope Mounts for Rifles and Barrel Mounts for Shotguns
  • Light weight -- The Predator only weighs 6 Ounces
  • Compact -- It is so compact that you can put the Predator in your pants pocket
  • Waterproof
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Approximately 20 hour burn time on low and approximately 4 hours on high
  • Low battery indicator -- when the battery is down to 20% life left then the Predator will automatically switch over to the walk light -- you can switch it back to high or low. The automatic switch to walk light is nothing more than a warning
  • 100,000 hour L.E.D. life and 500 charges on the battery
  • Charging indicator -- when you plug in the Predator, the walk light will flash 5 times to let you know that it is taking a charge
  • Charging time is approximately 8 hours
  • 1 year standard electronics warranty
Sold Separately

Scope Mount Light mount for scope$8.00

Winter Knit Hat
White knit hat with leather plate and metal bracket

Neck Strap
Nylon neck strap with leather plate and metal bracket. (Strap color subject to change.)

Pop Cover
Lens cap with interchangeable amber and red lenses

Predator Light Soft Cap
Soft cap with low profile light bracket